Charlie Interview: U10 NSRTC Football player

Meet our talent!

Don’t miss Charlie, and his determination of getting very good at football.
Go for it Charlie!
We love your passion and the drive to get this!

Apply for a free trial at

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Christmas party NSRTC 2018

Christmas Party NSRTC 2018

What a busy weekend we’ve had at NSRTC!

Really successful two nights, it was so great to see the players off the pitch and having fun.

Big THANK YOU to everyone who helped!!

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Will Henry, Swindon Town FC Goalkeeper

You can’t miss this!
Will Henry, Swindon Town F.C. Goalkeeper, previously an academy graduate from NSRTC gave us an amazing interview and a great advice for aspiring young goalkeepers.

Believe in yourself, Don’t be afraid of making mistakes and Enjoy!

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Jake Interview. NSRTC U13’s Football player

Meet our talent!
This week wanted to share with you a lovely interview with Jake, U13’s, who loves playing at NSRTC and has a strong values of teamwork.
Thank you Jake for a fantastic testimony!

We are now recruiting for Year 1 (u6) to Year 11 (u16’s)
Apply for a free trial at

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Elite League in Junior Premier League

What an amazing achievement for NSRTC!

Our u9s, u10s, u11s, u12s, u13s, u14s, u15 and u16s have all been invited/qualified to join the Elite league in Junior Premier League for the rest of the season based on their results/performances since Sept when regional leagues started.

If you are looking for more of a challenge in the standard you are playing then go to our website and apply for a trial.

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Manchester City v Clevedon Town Game

A few weeks ago, Clevedon Town had the biggest game in their history vs Manchester City U18s in the FA youth Cup, Ash Nevins and Alex White were the managers, who coach at NSRTC and the whole squad are former North Somerset RTC players from last season and some are current.
In this video you will watch the coach insight, Alex White pre and post match interview, who shared with us his thoughts about Man City v Clevedon Town game expectations.

Wise words, good attitude, leaving no regrets and taking the opportunities to be creative as they come.

Thanks Alex!

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Dehydration of more than 2% body mass deficit has been shown to impair football-specific performance, including intermittent high-intensity sprinting and dribbling skills.

Dehydration is prevalent in football players, especially when training or match play takes place in a hot environment.

Football players often start practice/match play in a dehydrated state, as indicated by measurements of urine specific gravity.
In football, the opportunity for fluid intake during match play is rare; therefore, an effective hydration strategy is required.

Don’t miss Hannah’s recommendations!

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Santa Claus is comin’ to town

“You better watch out, you better not cry
Better not pout, I’m telling you why…”

With Christmas day rapidly approaching, a few members of NSRTC got ‘virtually together’ to bring you a team-effort version of one of the classic Christmas tunes

We hope you can all take the time to embrace the next few days with your loved ones.

Merry Christmas!

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It’s been a fantastic year at NSRTC.

A huge THANK YOU to all the players, to the parents, to the JPL and of course, to our coaches, who have been part of a wonderful 2018 adventure.

You are awesome!

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